RIPT Camp was launched in 2010 when it was realized that the traditional gym structure was not suitable for most clients. Members were either unsupervised during their workout or charged a Personal Trainer fee, per session. This structure saw members lacking interest and motivation. From rehabilitation to body maintenance. RIPT Camp runs the gamut of training offers and members will feel that support toward their hard earned results.

Personalized Workout Plan

Our gym offers a more personal approach in the form of athletic driven workouts utilizing a combination of cardio, weight lifting and resistance training equipment; all with a personal trainer.

One on One Training

The Assisted Personal Training program was adopted to provide all members with the opportunity to add to their work out regiment by training with both the personal trainers available, as well as other members of the gym, upon consent.

Client Driven

Despite their different fitness goals and strategies, RIPT was established with our client’s need in mind, and as such, our instructors are trained to assist and support in achieving all targets.


Personal Trainers

RIPT Camp is home to some of Jamaica’s finest certified trainers. Click below to get to know more about our trainers.

Spin Class

Exciting Classes

There’s more to getting fit than just working out. click below to view the exciting classes we have to offer.


Specials and More

Summer Body Special